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About Us
Inaugurated on May 5th, 1998, InSync Studios Pvt Ltd represents the entrepreneurial vision of Nandu Bhende, Singer / Composer / Voice trainer.

The company offers a host of services in media-related industries, which includes
  • Music Composing & Arranging
  • Music Album & Ad Jingle Production
  • Audio Post-Production for Films, Ads & TV serials
  • Music Recording, Dubbing, Editing, Mixing & Mastering
  • ’VOICEBOX’: Voice-over Artists & Musician Bank
  • Film, Video & Theatre Production
  • Voice & Music Production Training

InSync has been built on simple ideas and principles like thoughtfulness, courtesy, integrity and the quest for excellence. The client must be given the best possible service and superior performance is to be pursued at all times. 

Our goal is to create the finest Voice & Music productions by using the best creative talent and the latest technology.
We want to support the expressive use of innovative media tools by providing the access, training and environment needed to create artistic works of enduring merit and artistic excellence. 

Our vision is to be the finest originator,
producer & executor of innovative and successful ideas in the world of Films, Music, Advertising and other electronic media. We want to share our expertise in the world of Voice, Music, and Presentation Skills with the population of the world through well structured, focused & interactive training programs. 


“Excellent, Practical, Usable. One can Apply and Benefit instantly.”

Dharmendra Rai, MIND MAP Trainer. Voice Power Workshop Student. 30th July 2011

 We all just heard the Giving song today & it was once again a wonderful  experience & soothing to the heart. Thank you for such a fabulous  creation.

 From all at the Wockhardt Foundation Family!!!!


Sunali Y Kothari, Manager Communications- Wockhardt Foundation. 11th July 2011

My Son Iain, not only enjoyed the Voice sessions, he used to come back saying-’I WANT MORE’.

Dr. Naseem R. Kathiwalla, Skin Specialist

Nandoo is a magician. He capsuled and packed in one day what normally one would absorb in a week. He is a professional to the core. He is gentle, patient, full of understanding and a born GURU. I felt enriched to have attended this workshop. More power to Nandoo and his endeavor!

Vijai Vardhan IAS Officer - Haryana-14th April 2007

It is a great workshop. It really helped me understand where i lack in my communication & How to improve it.

Swapnil Nikam- Executive Marketing & Sales- Fast Facts Computer System Ltd. 25 th June 2011

"I truly found my Voice"

Cassius Fernandes – Voice Power Workshop 21st January 2012

It has opened a complete new dimension to my Voice.

Dr.Parag Bhatia – Voice Power Workshop 21st January 2012

Your videos are fantastic Nandu. For so many of these aspects we had only our own mistakes to rely on to teach us so far. Keep it going!

Soumitra Bhat- 25th June 2011

Absolute eye- opener to the best instrument in you – Voice   

Padmashree Rao -Voice Dynamic Student, January 3rd 2011.

It was a great learning experience. Now I know which direction I need to take in order to reach the road of excellence. Thanks a lot.

Kalpana Bora- TV Actress, Voice Dynamic Student April 2011

Awesome to see that we can get access to your tips online as well. To anyone who is seeing this for the first time- I have trained with Nandoo Sir and realised the true potential of my voice. Don’t hesitate to check out the latest workshop details.

Ms. Rinku- comment posted in youtube for our video "Turmeric Milk"

May the voice be with you ...Will keep that in mind.
Will be looking forward for more such tips.

Anish - a comment posted on YouTube for our video

This Workshop helped me identify my weaknesses and has suggested remedies.

– Radha Srinivasan Physics Professor – Mumbai University.Voice Power Workshop- 14th May 2011.

I will recommend it to my fellow practitioners.

– Dr. Ashwini Raut (Speech Therapist) Student of Voice Power Workshop 16th May 2011

Very Interesting and Knowledgeable.

- Vandana Kamat Director – All Wave AV Pvt Ltd – Voice Power Workshop 7th May 2011

Voice Power Workshop touches upon various aspects of presenting oneself and the Power of Voice which can be explored to achieve success.

Fast Facts Computer Systems Ltd Team – Voice Power Workshop 21st May 2011

Atishay Uttam

- Euro Kids Teacher traning on Communication skills. 7th June 2011

I am pleased to inform you that we were extremely impressed by the experience we shared with you. 

Sunil Chandarana, Director - Banyan Tree Promotions

It is Excellent!!! It was a complete Workshop in all aspects of Voice Training. Everything here is so well managed, systematic and planned. I thank God! He gave me right sense and I Choose INSYNC for my training. InSync Rocks!!!

-Deepa Mishra- Advanced Voice Workshop Student, 11th June 2011

Our experience with Insync Studios has been great. Mr.Nandoo Bhende and his team are highly qualified sound professionals and have immense knowledge in music production, sound recording and editing. Mr Nandoo has a very warm and meticulous personality.

Gunjan Gupta, Founder – Zobble Solutions

We all just heard the Patience song & it was truly amazing & soothing to the ears. Thank you once again fo such a splendid creation. From all at the Wockhardt Foundation Family!!!!

Sunali Y Kothari,Manager-Communications, Wockhardt Foundation. 1st June 2011


Joseph Thomas, Voice Power Workshop Student. 30th July 2011

"Many thanks, Rinku - your team is incredibly professional and fast and we are all impressed." -Best wishes

Nishima Chudasama - The Documentary Group - New York 6th December 2013

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